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I am an experienced 3D modeller based in Sydney, Australia. My primary expertise lies in 3D asset creation, and my focus is producing content for the entertainment and advertising industry.
I am also familiar with various aspects of the pipeline, including texturing, rigging, and animation. I am also experienced in concept art, allowing me to bring an artistic eye and a strong understanding of design languages to every project.
I have worked in professional studio environments and am comfortable addressing any feedback. 
Work Experience
Junior Modeller (Full-time Employment)
Flying Bark Production, Australia
Animated TV Series
June 2022 - Present
Modelling and Texturing Artist (Freelance)
Yukfoo Animation, Australia
Animated TV Commercial
April 2022 - May 2022
Honours and Rewards
Odd Numbers (a collaborative motion graphic piece) was displayed in public at Sydney Fringe Festival 2018 and Vivid Sydney 2019. 
Down the Rabbit Hole (a collaborative animated short film) is the winner of ‘The Diversity Award' in the Microfix Film Festival 2019.
Software Skills
- Maya
- Blender
- Zbrush
- Marvelous Designer
- Arnold, Renderman, Redshift, Eevee, Cycles

- Substance 3D Painter
- 3D Coat
- Marmoset Toolbag
- Adobe Creative Suite
-Shot Grid (USD pipeline)

Master of Animation and Visualisation
2021 – 2021 
University of Technology, Sydney (Animal Logic Academy)

Bachelor of Design in Animation
2018 - 2020
University of Technology, Sydney
Sean Pow
Asset Supervisor
Flying Bark Productions
Contact available on request

Angela Sae-Lam
Modelling Artist
Flying Bark Productions
Contact available on request

Caroline Delen  
Senior Modelling Artist
Flying Bark Productions
Contact available on request

Alex Weight
Creative Lead
Animal Logic Academy
Contact  available on request
Hurstville Grove, Sydney Australia
0426 860 906
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